Lure Junkie – The New Keitech Little Spider

Lure Junkie – Keitech Little Spider

They’re Back!!! I was told about the possible return of the Keitech Little Spider and immediately stopped rationing my existing stocks, because I really do like this small creature bait or spider. The appeal of the Little Spider is not necessarily it’s small size but feelers or skirt at the front of the lure, providing huge amounts of action and somewhere to hold some scent. The double tails at the other end add another compelling reason to thread this plastic onto your jighead.

Little Spider

The Old Little Spider

Type Soft plastic – creature bait/spider
Material Translucent Plastic
Colours 10
Size 2”/50mm

Did it catch fish?

The Keitech Little Spider in its previous incarnation was a giant killer, delivering Ian a Bream Australian Open win, when nothing else seemed to work. My initial assessment of the new Little Spider was that they are made from a different material. The now glossy surface that the Little Spider offers is the complete opposite of the matt finish of the old Little Spider, there is a slight variation in the stretch but a very similar action.

Compared to the old Little Spider, the new one has less stretch but offers translucent colours and a more “natural” feel. Another obvious difference is the scent, the new Little Spider has a distinct oil like surface.Little Spider 001

What has worked best?

The extra action of the Little Spider, means that the age old adage of fishing as light as possible applies in spades. Getting the front feelers and double tail moving are attributes that can get the attention of the fish. Rigging the Little Spider on a standard jighead, will encourage the bait to sink feelers first and get those tails kicking.

Dropping the Little Spider down pylons and poles or skipping them under overhanging branches or into cracks and crevices seems to bring out the best in all creature baits, especially the little spider.   With plenty of crab imitations available at the moment, the Little Spider’s double tail and feelers add a difference and action to attract the fish.Little Spider 002

Final Thoughts

I’m excited to see the Little Spider back in production and in stores. The small size and action are reasons that I see the Little Spider quickly becoming an “old faithful”. The shift from a rubber like material to a translucent plastic seems to have resulted in a less durable plastic but with more colour options available due to the translucent material, the lure will not only catch the fish but also the fisherman.Little Spider 004

Construction and Quality The colour range is relatively comprehensive, the quality of the baits are exceptional with no blemishes or imperfections.
Performance The feelers and tails, as well as the small profile mean that the bait will be a killer.   The small bait means, it is hard to cast
Price At   $11.95 for a pack of 8, they are on the more expensive side but the value of such a small profile, high action bait, shouldn’t be underestimated
Features A translucent plastic adds the opportunity to offer more realistic and angler attracting colours.
Design (Ergonomics) Small plastics offer a unique, fish attracting attribute but are difficult to cast when paired with light jigheads

One response to “Lure Junkie – The New Keitech Little Spider

  1. I’ve just spent forty mins trying to find where I can pick these up to no avail. Everything sends me to USA or Japan. I’m on the sunshine Coast QLD. Any ideas?
    On another note, your posts are excellent. I’m a learner and your short sharp tips are very helpful. Cheers

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