Hang On! – DIY Console Handrails

Handrail 001

Getting out of my Bass boat and into an Edgewater didn’t come without numerous decisions. One of the most important when deciding on a boat was making sure it would fit it into the garage, especially considering that less than 12 months earlier I actually had it modified to fit the Bass boat. At my previous house the challenge was fitting anything down the driveway, this time it was the clearance under the garage door that caused issues. From some discussion and enquiries to the factory, they agreed to build the boat with a removable windscreen and not fit the windscreen handrail. After many phone calls to other Edgewater owners and lots of measuring, it turned out all the theoretical measurements proved correct and the boat slid under the garage door nicely.

Over the last 8 months, I’ve had a hectic work schedule accumulating frequent flyer points, and with the less than desirable number of fishing trips I’ve made, most of them have been made solo and because I hadn’t got around to purchasing my open waters safety equipment, all my trips have been on enclosed waters. During one of my latest trips out chasing a few squid for a feed, it did become apparent that I needed to do something about a grab rail for the console. Ideally, something custom made that wrapped around the windscreen like the standard rail would be great, but as my boat only just fits under my garage door with the windscreen off, a wrap around rail would only sit a few inches above the top of the console anyway and would probably look a little odd. On top of this, like everything related to boats, it would be expensive (they say BOAT stands for Bust Out Another Thousand).

Handrail 003
To overcome this issue, I’ve decided to add some simple grab rails onto each side at the top of the console. I don’t think what I have done looks too out of place and they now give me somewhere to hold onto when maneuvering around the boat. I guess experience is now going to tell me if this is sufficient, at worst I’m hoping that another grab rail on the front of the console if needed will suffice.

2 responses to “Hang On! – DIY Console Handrails

  1. Looks great, I am getting mine next month. Just wondering how the 115 etec pushes the boat and would you make any other little mods to the boat.

    • Ian,

      The 115 moves the boat along just fine, a fair bit slower than th 80mph my bass boat was capable of :). I’m really happy with the layout, largley because I fitted out everything on the boat except the engine myself. I did take some advice of other owners and placed my batteries and oil tank under the console. I have the live well, deckwash as well as the front deck cushion and ski pole for the wife and kids. The only other thing I would consider if I went through the process again is the starboard side gunwhale rod storage. Enjoy your purchse, let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.


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