Beginners Luck: 3 reasons why you’d always use deep crank baits?

OSP Dunk 001Fishing deeper than 1.5m requires deep crank baits, that one is pretty obvious but sometimes it can be beneficial to use deep crank baits in other scenarios. Here are the three reasons I would use deep crank baits.

  1. Getting down deep – Deep water or structure can hold fish, especially in the cooler months or when the fish are less active. Getting deep crank baits down into the strike zone will get your lure closer to the fish. With the option to use any number of deep or double deep crank baits, these options offer opportunity to us anglers.Cranking them down to the depths and keeping the bait there is important but sometimes it’s about getting down quickly. Fishing edges or lay downs aren’t always about fishing the 2m + that some crank baits can get to but it is important to get follow the contours. You might want to follow the gradient of the bank or how a tree has fallen and that may mean you’ll need to get down to 1m in a couple of cranks of the handle, this means that the deep crank will out perform the shallow or mid cranks in getting to depth quickly.
    OSP Dunk 004
  2. Bounce Over Structure – Big bibs that deep diving crank baits have are useful for more than just getting down deep. An advantage of the deep crank bait is that it has a bib that keeps the hook points away from the structure.Bouncing a crank bait over submerged trees can be an effective strategy to get the bites and getting that close to the structure means getting right in the strike zone. Shallow and Mid depth crank baits naturally have the hook points closer to the nasty bits. That bib length is the key to getting right into the snag, while being able to be floated over the branches or rocks.CrankDoubleDeepGhostGillBrown
  3. Dredging the bottom – Getting deep in shallow water may sound confusing but dragging a deep diving crank bait through sandy, silty or muddy bottom structure can be another effective strategy to attract fish.The deep diving crank baits can kick up puffs of sediment and attract fish, as it looks like a floundering or injured baitfish. This technique is a tried and tested method of catching fish.Chubbies

The deep diving crank bait is not limited to just fishing deep water but can be used in a variety of ways to catch fish. Although there is definitely a need for shallow and mid crank baits, deep crank baits are more versatile than they first appear.

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