Power Fishing

If you’ve read some of the stuff from this week, you would have seen my take on the advantages of deep diving crank baits in the “Beginners Luck” article but I thought I would elaborate on the advantages of the times I would fish a deep diving crank bait.

Steve Morgan Jerkbaits 002

Crank Baits are a great power fishing tool and the weekend’s fishing at the ABT Clarence River event highlighted how successful they are when finding a pattern. Now, Power Fishing is a strategy of fishing really fast, covering a lot of water and is something I fall back on when I have a lot of options, lack the local knowledge or I’m a bit unsure. The Crank bait is useful in this scenario because it allows me to fish fast, fish deep and catch the active fish (if they’re about).

Fishing fast is a good strategy when you’re not so confident on a plan or when you have a lot of water to cover. Especially with Yellow fin bream, a slow rolled crank bait can be an effective tool to cover this water, the speed at which you can cast and retrieve adds some efficiency when covering that ground but only if there are active fish. This makes power fishing something that I love to do.Crankbait feature

The deep diving crank bait has an added advantage, as discussed in the “Beginners Luck” article of being able to be fished in deep, shallow or snaggy terrain and can be dredged and dragged through the skinny water, while still getting you down to the deeper, secondary drop offs. This versatility adds to the advantages of power fishing, as there isn’t as much need to change rods or baits.

My strategy on the weekend was developed partially because I was unprepared and partially because I pre-fished with Josh. Josh naturally brings out a more laid back approach to my fishing and I tend to do better than when I’m highly strung or stressed. The strategy was to fish the “percentages” and then find some other stuff that might be better.

power fishing

Fishing the “percentages” was a more finesse, dare I say, boring approach of fishing deep that is generally successful at this time of year and on the Clarence River and when we felt we had exhausted our patience or options with the deep bite, we shifted our attention to fishing the edges with our power fishing techniques.

Combining the deep crank bait, with a high speed on the electric motor meant that we could cover plenty of ground fishing the edges. This eventually led us to a pattern that I’d fish for the remainder of the weekend, almost completely ridding ourselves of the deep bite.

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