Lucky Dip Review – TT HeadlockZ Jig Heads

HeadlockZ 001

There are a number of different styles of jig heads on the market; hidden weight, ball and weedless just to name a few. Add to that, different colours, hook brands and gauge, and the combinations are almost unlimited. For quite a number of the years I’ve been using the same jig heads, to the point that I haven’t even bothered looking to see what else is available. I guess it’s all in the confidence and I’ve never really strayed from what has been working.
Now the TT HeadlockZ aren’t new and despite my loyalty to the few select jig heads I do use, while browsing my way through the local BCF store the other week, there was something about them caught my eye.

HeadlockZ 002

These jig heads have a similar design to the hidden weight style I use on occasions, with the exception of a small amount of weight moulded to the hook part way down the shank. Unlike some hidden weight jig heads, these HeadlockZ also have weight moulded near the eye of the hook so that it maintains the traditional action. What I like about this is the gap between the two weighted sections on the hook. It seems to, as the name suggests, really ‘lock’ the soft plastic on by allowing the plastic to expand between the two sections and preventing the lure from sliding off when using an aggressive ripping action or when the fish are short striking. These HeadlockZ are built on Mustard hooks, and although they aren’t as fine a gauge as some of the ones I usually use, ‘hook set’ probably isn’t that much of a concern when fishing aggressively for a reaction bite.

HeadlockZ 003

These were no more expensive than the jig heads I generally use, and the benefit of having them in my collection could mean a lot less wasted soft plastics. Definitely something I’ll be looking to purchase more of for my tackle collection.


2 responses to “Lucky Dip Review – TT HeadlockZ Jig Heads

  1. Hi Ian,

    I noticed you mentioned the gauge of the hook. TT just released a fine gauge hook for the Headlockz hooks. Not sure what stores have them in yet but my usual bream tackle store has them. Much better.

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