10 must have items I have in my tackle box

Lately, we’ve had a bit of a theme here at lureandfly.com, where we’ve gone back and had a look at some of the basics of fishing – the gear, the techniques, the fundamentals of what makes it all happen successfully. We were novices once, and in many respects, as we embark on achieving new goals and targeting new species, we still are.

Today I look at 10 must have items that I have in my tackle box or should I say tackle locker of my boat… No doubt my 10 items may be different to Vicki or Josh, or you for that matter, but experience teaches us to ensure that some thing just don’t get left behind.

10 things in my tacklebox 01

1. Braid scissors: There are likely 2 schools of thought here. Buy a good pair of braid scissors that are going to last you for almost ever (do they exist)? Or buy several “el cheapo” pairs. Personally, I’ve gone with option 2. I’ve not had a pair of scissors for long enough, that they actually lasted forever. They bounce pretty high when dropped on the deck of my boat, and tend to go overboard or walkabout more often than not.

10 things in my tacklebox 02

2. Pincettes: I can’t live without these. I have 2 or 3 pairs of the small Smith ones littered around my boat and tackle trays. It’s no secret that I fish a lot of hardbody lures, and it’s even less of a secret, that I think I have almost single headedly kept the treble industry alive in NSW (slight exaggeration I know)… I change the trebles on my lures almost religiously at the slightest hint of damage or bluntness. The pincettes make the process quick and headache free.

10 things in my tacklebox 03

3. Spare trebles: note item 2 above. To reiterate, I go through a lot of trebles. I carry size 14 to size 8 in a range of gauges, and they are always easy to access.

10 things in my tacklebox 09

4. Ruler/brag mat: Speaks for itself why you’d have one of these, but you never know when you’re going to need to measure if it’s undersize or potentially going to break you PB.

10 things in my tacklebox 04

5. Organised tackle trays: My tackle trays are organised into categories. One for crank baits, one for shad style lures, top water, jerkbaits etc. The trays are labelled so I can easily grab the right tray without having to rifle through them all. Within the trays, the lures are classified according to brand/model and they all have treble guards on them to make extracting them easier. Ever gone to pick up a tangled mess of lures and trebles and tried to untangle them in a hurry?

10 things in my tacklebox 07

6. Sunscreen: One of the negative aspects of fishing is how long we all spend in the sun. It shouldn’t actually need mentioning, but how many times have you come home and been burnt to a crisp?

10 things in my tacklebox 05

7. Sealed container for used lures: You might consider lures an investment. In fact I’m sure there are many of us that could have put a deposit down on a pretty nice house with the money we’ve spent on our fishing gear. When I’m changing lures that have seen salt water, they get quarantined into a separate container away from my tackle trays. This prevents contaminating and wetting your clean dry lures with salt. Salt causes corrosion, deteriorates trebles and costs you money.

The used lures get washed at the end of the trip, dried, trebles replaced if necessary, and placed back into general circulation once dry.

10 things in my tacklebox 06

8. Atomic Crank 38 deep: I couldn’t live without this lure and there are always spares hidden around the place – just in case…


9. Camera: I’ve said it before; the best camera is the one you have with you. I know a lot of guys are superstitious and leave the camera at home but if you don’t have it, you can’t use it, and when you don’t bring it, you’ll need it. My camera kit tends to be as big as my tackle kit, but what the heck.

10 things in my tacklebox 08

10. Super glue: Chris has written about it before, but super glue is a must have in my tackle bag. Its uses are endless: locking knots, repairing lures and plastics and even first aid applications in gluing together cuts.

There you have it. This are my 10 must have items. I’m sure others out there would be interested to hear what yours are…



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