Hump Day Press Release: ZMan – 2” CrusteaZ


Creature Baits, one profile of soft plastic that any angler can’t look past.   With the addition of the 2″ CrusteaZ to the Zman range, there is now one more reason to throw your money at this versatile brand of soft plastic.ZMan14_Profile_CrusteaZ_Gudgeon


Due in stores next week, one question remains – Is it a prawn, crab, shrimp, yabby, insect… no it’s the 10X Tough ZMan 2” CrusteaZ. This crustacean imitation will appeal to fish species that eat any of the aforementioned prey and that means almost anything that swims in our rivers, estuaries and impoundments! Designed with bream in mind, the CrusteaZ will also appeal to anglers chasing bass, golden perch, trout, redfin, saratoga, flathead, grunter and almost any other small to medium fresh or saltwater species.


The body design of the CrusteaZ allows it to be effectively rigged on a small jighead or worm hook and its claws provide action and movement without aggressively spooking timid feeders. Fish it across the surface, sink it around structure on a TT Lures Hidden Weight System jighead or slowly hop and twitch it across the bottom and this realistic crustacean is a bite-sized snack for any predatory species. The realistic feel of the ElaZtech will keep the fish biting until they find the hook and the 10X Tough construction equals more fish per lure. Fish on!

Available in 8 colours, with 6 per pack and a SRP of $8.95.

Check out for more information.

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