The Countdown Continues…

River2Sea - Bully Wa 27102013 003

They say “when it rains, it pours” but despite the vast amounts of rain we have received in Sydney during the last week, if you use that metaphor in reference to my fishing during this winter season, I would have to say that it’s only been drizzling for the last few months. Even with a work travel schedule that could only be described as hectic and what appears to be endless weekend commitments with the family and friends, thanks to a very supportive wife, I have been lucky enough to maintain quite a healthy fishing regime.

Quite often I’ll put the boat in for a couple of hours or take the kids for a quick land based session.  I’ve even made the odd trip out to Thomsons Creek Dam (TCD). I’ve tried my hand at Snapper, Jewfish, Kingfish, squid, trout and anything else that bites and will quite happily  take home some fresh ingredients wherever possible to enjoy preparing, cooking and eating the catch with my wife and kids.  Next month however marks the beginning of the Bass season in NSW and my countdown has gone from months to weeks and now, it is only a matter of days.

With thanks to good friend Aaron Horne, this will now be my third season of stalking wild bass that sit on the outskirts of suburbia in Sydney.  Fishing, ponds, creeks and puddles we can literally jump over, I have been constantly amazed by these creatures; their hardiness, movements, the habitats they live in but most of all, like a drug, the addiction where I am constantly thinking about where and when I can get my next fix.

Aaron and I have already been having regular conversations about the moon and tides as well as when and where the fish might be over the coming spring and summer.   With the latest dump of rain in Sydney, I’m hopeful that they have started migrating up into the skinny creeks earlier than normal.  Sydney Bassin' 028At the end of last season, I depleted most of my tackle without restocking.  Over the next two weeks, apart from my rods and reels,  there’s a few key pieces of equipment that I’ll make sure I have prepared and ready for the upcoming season of creek bassin’.

Hollow Bodied Frogs- These are key topwater lures because of the action they impart and also their weedless presentation allowing you to move them through the reeds, rocks, semi submerged logs and branches as well as down the opposite bank right into the strike zone.

Springtime Frogs 002

Cicadas – Hollow bodied cicadas are always in the bag.  Although the hookup rate using these lures is probably not as high as the hollow bodied frogs, when the bass are feeding on top, casting these lures out and shaking them on spot is almost always irresistible to bass.

Fish Arrow Cover Cicada 002

Spinner Baits and Beetle Spins – These are perfect for dropping down rock walls or cranking through submerged structure, making a heap of underwater racket and with a lot less risk of getting snagged.

Soft Plastics Plastics such as large creature baits and paddle tails are always definite go to lures to rig weedless onto worm hooks or using a beetle spin setup.

Worm Hooks – A definite requirement for creek fishing.  A lot of the water we fish is rather shallow.  Floating down weedless, unweighted presentations in front of snags accounts for a good number of fish.

South Creek 30032014 005

Leader – There have been occasions where the fishing has been so hot, we were tying our lures directly to the braid.  Last season, I don’t think I fished the creeks with less than 20lb leader.  It sounds excessive but you only need to look at some of the galleries and images from our trips to understand the unforgiving territory where these fish reside.  There is no time nor room to give these fish an inch, quite often we end up in the creek unravelling them from the structure they have wrapped us around.

As well as these items, I have also managed to get my hands on some other goodies that although not specific to bass, I think will be dynamite in replicating the bait, as well as complimenting the style of fishing we do.  Be sure to keep an eye out.

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