Secret Spots Revealed

It’s coming soon anglers, all the secret fishing spots in NSW revealed. The majority will love it but a small percentage are going to hate it. I guess this blog is basically a try at softening up the initial furore that would have come otherwise.


So I have on good authority in the near future there will be an official NSW website that will show around about 2000 points around the state where anyone can legally access fishable water either from a road crossing or through public land. It will give you an idea of how hard it is to access and what you can expect to catch there.

So Trout, Bass, Cod and Yellowbelly spots aplenty. I can almost guarantee that this site will somehow be a lightening rod for negativity at first because if you have a secret little creek, dam, pond or any other kind of waterway chances are it will now be a pinpoint on map that everyone can see.


I know for sure of at least a couple of places people think are “private” and only a select few have access to when in reality they are public waterways that can be accessed like any other by any member of the public. This website will be based in hard truth and written law even if that upsets some people.

My advice would be, when all this information goes public, and your secret spot is named as one of the 2000, don’t go jumping up and down yelling about it and trying to have it struck off the website as this will only bring attention to it (and probably won’t get it taken off anyway). Think of it this way, even the most rabid fisherman who fishes more than anyone you know would have a hell of a time wading through 2000 spots. If you fished 3 spots a day every day it would take almost 2 years to do them all.

The good news is that even if your super secret spot is in there there will most probably be a whole bunch of ones you didn’t know about on there as well.

Stay tuned and we will let you know when it goes live.

Coxs River Trout Open Weekend 2013_019

10 responses to “Secret Spots Revealed

  1. That’s rubbish, don’t mind someone exposing there own spots (still silly) that they discovered themselves without being shown but I doubt whoever is putting this together would have 2000 secret spots. My assumption is they will be exposing spots that other people have shown them and that they protect from over fishing and the rogue element in our sport. The population is growing, resources like (secret) fishing spots are diminishing. There are more disreputable and greedy people than ever simply due to numbers. To publish something like this is naive and cannot be based on community service or sharing but the shallowness of getting a product out whatever the cost.


    • OK maybe all 2000 won’t be “secret” maybe half that might just be pretty obvious spots. As far as 2000 of them….. I’ve heard there is 8000 but they want to have the spots vetted before people try and go there based on the information they have been given. As far as “the shallowness of getting a product out whatever the cost”, there is no product and this is not a company putting this together.

      This kind of website already exists in something like any way only this will be on a much larger scale with much more detailed info.

      Just to be clear it’s not a website we are making we have no affiliation with the site.

      • If its not a product then what is it and what’s the motivation. I never assumed it was L&F, you guys are not that dumb and you certainly care for your environment and would use your hard gained influence to protect it. So what is your position?

  2. What an absolutely ridiculous idea. This will destroy the fishery of small rural towns scattered through out NSW. Having the less educated, fish killing, river raping people of country NSW know exactly where every public fishing spot in their area is absurd. A very large minority of people in country NSW still use drop lines and still kill every single fish they catch. Do we really want this for our precious freshwater ecosystems? Can’t believe this would even be considered let alone put in to effect? This is will effect the fish more than it effects anybody’s secret spot being taken. Rant over.

  3. Many years ago I used to trek in to a spot on the upper waters which flow into Warragamba. A lot of people knew about it but few fished it. It was a hard 4hrs walk in and a slightly easier 6hrs walk out. Close to an hour was spent wading in waist deep cold Trout water and that is what kept everyone out. With the gear these days you can stand and fish in waist deep water all day and not really feel it.

    Walking is still the only way to get to the spot.

  4. I feel this could be a double edged sword. While many responsible fisherman would welcome the idea of knowing the locations of new spots, where they can and can’t fish legally, etc. unfortunately it will also invite in irresponsible people who could quickly ruin the place. I understand that it can sound hypocritical for fisherman to jump up and down at this, after all we learn about spots via many avenues ourselves(TV, magazines, books, websites, etc.) The sad reality is that I feel these days the more we reveal the more damage seems to be done and that helps no one. I personally have witnessed over the last few years the negative effect that this can have on treasured locations. I am all for the promotion of the sport and on the surface this looks like a good idea, but we don’t live in a perfect world and these days more than ever, we must exercise caution when doing anything that could bring on a detrimental effect to the environment and our much loved pastime.

    • Agreed John, I certainly don’t dispute all the points made against it and I, like you, try to see middle ground here. This will be a double edge sword but I really don’t think it will be anywhere near the “Fishmageddon”it is being made out to be.

  5. In response to Buz: My position is the same as it is with most things, I try to take the middle ground. I can see both sides of the coin. Yes I can imagine some people using the information to do the wrong thing but I can also see theMum or Dad that wants to take their children fishing, but doesn’t know a whole lot about it, using the info to pass the joy of fishing on to the next generation. I can see a spot that someone like yourself has found through hard work being put in the public forum may see it having more people visit it but I can also see someone like yourself using the information to find a long forgotten TSR to access a section of river you have always wanted to get to and find an even better spot. A location is not the silver bullet to catching buckets of fish either. Some spots might only have fish a couple of weeks a year, if you turn up to that secret drain that Rainbow Trout in spawning mode are thick on opening weekend in the middle of February you are most likely to catch nothing at all.

    Also, I really feel like this site will contain mostly Trout and Bass info. Trout (as much as I love them) are an introduced species that by enlarge are stocked as a put and take fishery. Bass in dams are also stocked as put and take. Which leaves wild Bass (which I don’t know if they are even included). Here are the “cliff notes” on finding wild Bass…. “If it’s on the east coast between Maryborough to the north and Gippsland in the south and it flows to the ocean, it probably has Bass in it”

    I understand peoples fears but I also see the value in this information.

  6. Thanks Josh, no doubt it will have valuable info, yeah trout is introduced but one of the few if not the only good intro’s. Your further info re what it may focus on is helpful as opposed to (So Trout, Bass, Cod and Yellowbelly spots aplenty) but I suppose we’ll have to wait and and see, would still like to know what the motivation is.

  7. I agree a double edged sword. Our so called secret spot was added to a canoe trail and advertised by local council and is now being fished by heaps of people and no more peace. On the other hand if I am travelling it would be great to know of kayak access to places I pass through. Beware the illegal netters

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