Fads and Fashions

It’s time to fess up, what was the very first lure you bought and what was the most embarrassing lure you bought?

There are quite literally hundreds of different lures available for fishing, whether they be reincarnations of the same style by a different lure company, sinking faster, diving deeper or any other variation, the bottom line is, if the lure doesn’t catch the fisherman, it’ll never catch the fish.

Defunct, Discontinued, No longer available or Current, Continued, Now available, it doesn’t seem to matter, with some lures standing the test of time, some fading away without being noticed and others being discontinued with angler’s in full protest. In my short time of buying lures, I’ve bought my fair share of wasted items. When I say wasted items, I mean, they just didn’t do much for me.Jigheads 009

I think back to when I first started bream fishing, I was typically like many anglers, I bought maybe one or two of each style. My hardbody lure collection started with an Ecogear SX-40 and my soft plastic collection started by buying 4 packets of 80mm Squidgy Wrigglers, and I thought I had splurged big time. These days, I can’t justify buying just one of a lure, there has to be 3 but usually 4 (most lures seem to come from the manufacturer in boxes of 4).

Once I started buying in boxes, was about the time that I noticed that I was buying every colour (I once was the proud owner of at least 2 of every colour in the Ecogear SX-40 range ) and when I started noticing that, I was truly hooked on fishing.

The step in buying a ridiculous amount of lures has now meant that I have a collection of forgotten lures (read: lures I didn’t like) that are tucked away in a cupboard, never to see the water again. As I mentioned, these lures just didn’t work for me, for whatever reason and because I now buy them by the box, I have a tonne of them.Lures 002

The funny thing is that these lures actually do work but just may not suit my style or I’ve never had any success. They just haven’t made the cut because I haven’t got enough space or I’ve got more “successful” lures to use. It’s even funny to look through Greg’s, Josh’s or even Vicki’s tackle box to see that the lures that I’ve pushed to the back of the cupboard are in a healthy supply.

The great thing is that the Ecogear SX-40s and Squidgy Wrigglers are still in my regular rotation but I have definitely “refined” my taste to a range of lures that I like. We all know that there is no hard and fast rule to fishing but being the Lure Junkie, I know that I need every single one of those lures in my tackle box. That is until something “better” comes along.

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