Lucky Dip – Petit Ring Opener split ring pliers

Moore’s Law – so it traditionally applies to Computer hardware technology and not fishing but I’m starting to see a pattern here. Moore’s Law essentially states that every 2 years, technology is twice as powerful for the same size or is half the size for the same effect.Petit Split Ring 002

Think about the Power pole and now we have the Micro Power Pole, the Hydrowave has been around for the past few years but now we have the Hydrowave Mini. What has just crossed my boat deck is a simple tool that previously, I couldn’t have lived without and never felt it was oversized but check out my Petit Ring Opener split ring pliers from Daiwa. These are a small model and are a new addition to Daiwa’s set of practical tools of late.

My older pair of split ring pliers are good, I’ve had them for years and had no reason to replace them but this smaller model is just as effective and well under half the size. They’re perfectly suited for small split rings found on many bream, bass and trout style lures.Petit Split Ring 001

Split ring pliers are a must for anyone fishing with split rings. Any fisherman knows that consumables such as hooks or split rings inevitably need replacing and when looking at the tiny lures that are thrown around these days, the split ring pliers are a necessity (unless you like almost sending yourself crazy by trying to manually change them).

The Daiwa split ring pliers are well suited to small lures, easy to store and do the job when changing small trebles. Like other split ring pliers, they work best when the raised point is pressed between the layers of the split ring 2 to 3 mm from the opening. This small bump forces the layers of metal apart, allowing you to squeeze the treble or rounded treble attachment point through the split ring.

I originally thought I’d lose them because they’re that small, as I tend to put things in a “safe place” and forget where that safe place is but they are small enough to store in my treble storage container, next to all of my other trebles. This means, when I actually need to change a treble, the split ring pliers are right there.

One response to “Lucky Dip – Petit Ring Opener split ring pliers

  1. Wonder if Moore’s Law applies to fishing lures too? There seems to be a trend toward smaller lures or else new lures which proffer to catch more fish!

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