Australian Bass – Opening Season is Here!


The rain couldn’t be timed more perfect. It is flooding our rivers, estuary systems and small tributaries off these river systems.

This is great as this means the bass can start moving right up into the small tributaries throughout the season and this extra water helps them immensely.

The 1st September is opening of Bass Season. This doesn’t mean you can walk up to any old creek and hope to catch one. They move up in stages and one person who can tell you stage by stage is Aaron Horne. He tracks the bass movements on his home waters from 1st September right through to the next close season.

Sydney Bassin' 007

It is an obsession for him as fishing is for most of us but in particular this species just makes him tick.

As the water warms up surface lures work well, but until then small hard bodies that you would use for bream, soft plastics either weedless rigged or on smaller jig heads, small spinner baits between 1/16th-1/8th, flies such as bass vampires and woolly buggers will all work well.


Just because it is night time doesn’t mean you can’t use lures. We have had some awesome sessions on nightfall just ensure you carry a headlamp so you can walk out safely. You need to have some idea of the water way you are about to fish as casting in the dark it is really hard to judge the distance and to catch a bass you need to cast in close to the structure.


I like to use a leader between 8lb to 14lb depending on what structure you are fishing.

There is nothing more rewarding than catching a large bass out of skinny water and if you haven’t tried it then I suggest you should. This year is hopefully going to be a great year with the rains already here.



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