The biggest (and easiest) tip for catching more fish has always been about trying to help anglers catch more fish but I must say that during the 4 years I have been writing on this site I have learned a heap myself. As with most things I learn I think they start at an unconscious level and you are just doing it until one day you feel as though it hits you like a bolt of lightening.

This is going to sound like the simplest thing ever written but I really feel I have been very guilty of not doing it for many years. Like any other tip though, once put into action through conscious decision it will lead to catching more. Here it is. “Be flexible and take what is on offer”. If someone tells you they have had good rain and the Yellowbelly are on the chew at Windamere then take that opportunity.


What I mean by this is don’t try to over plan what you want to do and go do it at the expense of something else you should be doing. In this day and age of things like Facebook and Instagram finding out what is going on right now is easier than ever. It used to be that tackle stores were the hub for fishing info and some savvy ones have a good presence online and let people know what is on the chew now.

In the past I have been guilty of chasing things that just were not happening at the time. For example when I lived in central Queensland I spent too much time chasing Barra when they just weren’t on the chew. When they were I caught them but much of the time they were not and I now wish I had spent that time doing a myriad of other things more suited to what was actually going on at the time. So listening to others about what is currently happening is half the story. The other half is not trying to relive past events because they were great the first time around.dsc01025

Another example is the upcoming Trout season opening. In past years I would have headed straight to the Cox’s river as it was great the first few times I went there but with this year I realise it probably won’t fish any where near as well because (at the time of writing) they just have not had the rain it needs to fire it up but there are plenty that have had a heap of rain lately and will fish really well.test-001

I guess the basic premise is to use the tools at your disposal and fish for what is happening right now. Obviously big trips or tournaments can’t work on this idea but neither of these are my major sources of fishing activity these days. These days I usually plan that I will be able to fish on a certain weekend but don’t make plans until a few days before. At the time of writing I think I’d like to be out chasing Salmon on fly this weekend with the calm weather and football sized schools that have been on the net tonight.

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