The Old Faithfuls

So we have Fads and fashions, what about those lures that you can’t retire?

How do I, as a self confessed lure junkie, find the space to have all the lures I want on my boat, kayak or in my tackle bag, when space is limited? That’s a good question that I keep revisiting about once every 6 months. About the time where it starts to get cooler or warmer, I look at the top water lures and the vibes and blades in my tackle boxes and move them around a bit to make some more space.cranka crab feature

I tend to refine my tastes and evolve through lures but don’t feel I’ll ever settle on a set number of lures.   As already mentioned, there are plenty of new products coming onto the market. Some are iterations of existing styles, while some are completely new.

The crank bait has been around for some time, there are plenty of different shapes, sizes, diving depths and colours to choose from and a plethora of brands as well. Sometimes something new comes along, like the Cranka Crab that doesn’t necessary belong in the stick minnow genre, creature bait or blade but a bit of a mix of both.

Finding the space to add another range of lures can be the challenge and may even bump other lures out of my regular rotation, then eventually out of my tackle box. Obviously there are some lures, which UV Lures 004stand the test of time. They may not stay in my regular rotation but they certainly never leave my tackle box.

My first ever hardbody was an Ecogear SX40, they have seen many cycles of being my favourite to just being in my tackle box to being my favourite again. This lure has stood the test of time, right next the Jackall Chubby, Squidgy wriggler and more recently the Ecogear VX35.

The same can be said for soft plastics, the days of having multiple packets of every colour of 2 inch Gulp Shrimp are gone but having a wider range of more refined (read: more expensive), different brand and different size of soft plastic are in. In some ways, it is more about the experience of fishing an expensive OSP soft plastic or hardbody over the joy of catching fish on tried and tested methods.

These lures have a following outside of my tackle box and leads me to the thought that although there are lures that come and go, there are always the lures that stand the test of time.


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