Getting ready for Trout Season

I’ve noticed in the last twelve months what seems to be a surge in the uptake of fly fishing. It seems like there are more and more people getting involved, talking about it and posting about it on social media. Either that, or I’m more conscious of it now.

Trout season is approaching fast. The days are getting longer and the weather warmer, and I’m looking forward to opening weekend. The other week I scored a nice little rainbow on a small Woolley Bugger, and I lost a stack of my flies to the thorny scrub on my back cast…



Well Fathers Day this year saw my kids buy me a fly tying vice to start the next progression in my fly fishing journey. Truth be told, I purchased the fly tying vice and gave it to the kids to give to me, but whichever way you look at it I’m getting sucked further and further into the wonderful web of this great sport.


The last few weeks have been spent watching all manner of YouTube videos from tying Woolley Buggers and Epoxy shrimps to Adams Dry Flies and Nymphs. Apparently no one buys books any more, so Google and YouTube are your friends.


The first few were less than satisfactory..


After what seemed a marathon of “how to video” watching I embarked on my first fly. An attempt at an Adams Dry Fly. It looked like a dogs breakfast and I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to do a Whip Finish with the whip finish tool.

getting closer to something you'd fish

getting closer to something you’d fish

After much persistence though, I’ve managed to tie a handful of dry’s and Woolley Buggers that actually resemble something that you might fish. It still takes me and eternity to finish one and I’d say I can manage only 3 or 4 flies in a session, but heck, we’re getting there.



I can’t see myself setting the world on fire with tying for a living, but the satisfaction of completing a fly is second to none, and certainly appeals to my addictive personality and I can only imagine how amazing it will feel to actually catch a fish one of my creations. Look out trout, the October long weekend is loomng…


One response to “Getting ready for Trout Season

  1. Be careful Greg, once you catch that first trout on a fly you have tied yourself the addiction goes into overdrive, and it is one of the best feelings of satisfaction there is in fishing.

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