Hump Day Special : GT’s from somewhere you’d rather be

A little less “polished” video than we would usually put up but he certainly tangles with some pretty big GT’s on fly.


One response to “Hump Day Special : GT’s from somewhere you’d rather be

  1. I go to Kiritimati for the Bones so I do not take any of my 12wts. All I take is 8’s and 10’s. On my 2011 trip we had a large Che Che(Gilbertese for GT) harass us for a while. The guides called it at 90kg and I didn’t doubt them. My mate had a heavy spin outfit and was chucking Poppers at some small (30kg) ones when the big fella grabbed the popper and in no time at all had stripped 300 metres of 80lb braid, popped the line and blown up the Stella.

    Later in the day at a spot close by I had hooked a Bone and had just got the flyline back on the spool when a big Che Che grabbed it and took off down the channel on the northern side of the flat. I was using an 8wt and could see the spool through the backing when the run stopped and a few seconds later the Bone popped to the surface floating on its side. When we did get the Bone back it had huge bite marks on it and we called it at 5kgs.

    On my first trip we saw a Diamond Ray being followed by a 25kg and a 30kg GT which were followed by a 1.5 metre White Tipped Reef Shark swim past in a bit over ankle deep water while I was on a Bone it was interest to see how agitated the Bonefish became and how quickly it took off once released.

    On my trip in July this year I was down at the far SE end of the island at the Korean Wreck and there were large numbers of GTs cruising alone the break line.

    Yes if one wants GTs there is a large population of them at Kiritimati.

    Bruce M

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