Fishing with the Z Man CrusteaZ Creature Baits

Fishing structure with plastics, like I fish structure means you’ll end up fishing a lot of creature baits and the new Z Man CrusteaZ’s are a creature bait with a tonne of potential.

3204 - ZMan 2 Inch CrusteaZ Greasy Prawn

Rule 1 of fishing plastics is to ensure that you fish as light as possible but it has it’s draw back. Casting into structure can mean that you’ll be fishing heavier line than normal, making casting slightly more challenging to gain any distance and add to that, fishing light jigheads and you’ll really struggle to keep your distance while getting good casting accuracy.

Rule 2 of fishing plastics is important around structure and that is Casting accuracy. Casting accuracy will ensure you don’t end up hitting expensive boats and pontoons with your lump of lead but when trying to cast as far as possible, the trade off is poor casting accuracy.


Image courtesy of Bradley Sissins

The new Z man CrusteaZ’s are the same material as the other Z Man plastics. This means they float and are relatively snag resistant but what I’ve been testing is the ability to fish a slightly heavier jighead, yet still present a bait that will sink slower (a heavy weight but a floating plastic means they’ll cancel some of each other out)

Is it rocket science? Not really but it’ll give that extra casting weight to an effective pattern around structure where casting accuracy is so important but getting hang time for your plastic is just as important.

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