Lucky Dip Review – Amphibia Sports Eyewear


I was lucky enough to be given a pair of polarised sunglasses from Amphibia Sports Eyewear to trial and have been doing so for the last eight months.  For those that know me well will also know I won’t boast about a product if I didn’t believe in its performance, nor would I particularly bag it out. I would prefer to either disassociate myself or not say anything at all.

We are very lucky that we get a mini news feed of all the great new technology coming through the states from our one and only Australian Angler on the circuit Carl Jocumsen. Between Carl Jocumsen and Jason Wilhelm they are heavily involved with Amphibia including the research and development.  This makes it great for us Australian Anglers.

I must say I have been most impressed for a number of reasons:-

My old glasses when I use to take them off would leave impression marks either side of my nose where they use to press down. The cushioning on the nose of my Amphibia glasses is so comfortable and they do not leave indents in my face.


How many of you suffer headaches or an aching head because when wearing a hat the arms of your sunglasses dig into the back of your head?  I must say I haven’t had this problem since switching over to Amphibia.

A couple of other positives are that they are lightweight, scratch resistant and there are so many styles to choose from. I wear prescription sunglasses (yes we are all getting old) but I could still pick what style I wanted, send over my prescription and there were no problems in making this prescription without losing any quality in the vision or polarization. I can still see crystal clear through the water.

Another positive is that they have float cells so that if you happen to lose them overboard, they will float on top and not sink to the bottom like most other brands. Oh and the sunglass case can double up as a beer cooler if you forget yours, how convenient.

There are a lot more advantages but I for one can’t explain all the technical jargon. I just call it how I see it.

Thank you Amphibia for making me look trendy whilst fishing and helping me succeed in my adventures particularly embarking into the world of fly. Looking forward to continuing the association.

For more information and the complete range check out :- or if you need help or advice I am sure Jason Wilhelm would be only too happy to help.


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