Shaking off the winter blues turns 4 years old this month and I’m pretty sure in it’s first year all of us found it hard through that first winter and inevitably we each wrote about how “bad” winter was. After that, as a whole, we decided not to whinge about winter any more and focus on the positive. I even feel like that end of winter period starts to weigh on me outside of fishing as well. It’s cold, there isn’t much light before or after work and having to wear a lot more clothing and footwear than I like.bream-on-fly

Well all that is over! It feels like as soon as daylight savings begins you can get so much more done in your life and the fishing possibilities are all of a sudden endless. Bass and trout season are open, bream seem to spread out and get more aggressive and most of all……. topwater is here.cathie-whiting-036

We are only a few weeks in and I have already scouted a new black bream backwater, starting to get whiting on topwater and made plans to get amongst the big fat yellowbelly of Windamere. Now add to that a swag of new Daiwa lures that need some serious swimming and I’m in heaven.331

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