Are you a Patient or Impatient Angler?

It was Bushy that I heard listening back to a pod cast the other week that really got me thinking about this subject.

Patient or impatient are there advantages and disadvantages? Well I think there is.

As a kid I could sit there and fish for hours with my dad soaking a bait in the water in the hope for a fish. We didn’t move location very often and some days we would catch plenty and other days nothing.


Fishing with bait I have also come across other people whom are impatient to wait for a burley trail to work and find they are moving spots every 5 minutes. They still might catch some fish but could have the results been better? I guess we are never going to know now.

If you are going to use bait and a burley trail you are going to have to have patience, giving it some time to attract the fish to you. I am not saying don’t move spots if it is not working but just don’t be too hasty in doing so.

Lure fishing has definitely made me more impatient as you cover more water moving spots constantly and casting and retrieving regularly in the hunt for fish.

Trophy Bream 008

I have even found my patience levels also differ between using plastics and hard bodies. Thanks to the boys at and some kayak events I have done more hard body fishing and find it is a lot quicker method of fishing than plastics. This has caused my impatience when switching back to plastics remembering to slow down my retrieve and sometimes having to dead stick it for a bite. I can start to see why some people start preferring one method over another.

Vicki Mallacoota ABT Big Bream DSC_0345

Having said the above Scott and I have also won or placed in tournaments by having some patience. For example we have sat out on a flat waiting for that right time of the tide where we just know it is about to switch on and the fishing goes crazy. We have often watched other competitors leave the flat before this time and miss out on the bite. Mind you sometimes being stubborn not to leave has meant that we too have also missed out in some of the tournaments where the fish just haven’t co-operated.

BETS Bream Win

So you can see where I am coming from – you need to find that balance to suit your fishing style and method.

One response to “Are you a Patient or Impatient Angler?

  1. Nice article. I think the fishing situation plays a part in it. If I’m looking to relax I’m happy to sit on a river bank and watch a float, knowing I may only get a couple of fish. But if I’m fishing with a few mates it can get competitive which keeps me on the move 🙂

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