Have your say: What gear do you use to target Bream on surface?

Spring is upon us (though you’d hardly notice after the last 2 days in Sydney – storms, rain, hail and snow in the mountains) and the surface bite will no doubt begin to fire very soon. I’m interested to hear what gear everyone is using for this technique – Rods, line, leaders and preferred lures

Surface fishing for Bream 03

As with the “blading for Bream” poll we ran a while back, I’m not so much interested in brands (note: the examples mentioned in the poll are not an endorsement for any product), but more so, I’m interested to hear about the setup.  You know, rod length, leader length and class, styles of surface lures.  We all know this style of fishing is a lot of fun, so hopefully this will give the beginner’s that read our blog a bit more of an insight into the technique, or it might inspire some of the more “seasoned” amongst us to go and try something different

My setup is a rod in the 7-7’6 range.  Regular fast action.  I run braid to a short 4-6lb leader when fishing larger “walk the dog style lures”.  I can’t say I’ve really gotten into the “Popper” technique personally, but certainly I don’t mind fishing unweighted soft plastic “prawn” imitations on a worm hook tight to the docks and pontoons of Sydney Harbour.

Surface fishing for Bream 01

So please take the time and have your say. I’m sure the results will make for some interesting reading.  You can view the results and make a comment by clicking on the “view results” link for each poll.



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