Know the rules – Changes to NSW recreational fishing rules


As of Monday 3rd November NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) will implement a number of changes to the recreational fishing rules, 16 in fact.  These include revised bag limits, size limits as well as other changes.  Regardless of whether you agree or not, DPI say “these changes will ensure the current rules reflect the recreational fishing community’s needs and expectations, while maintaining quality recreational fishing for the future.”

Some of the key changes that I know will directly affect myself and some of our readers are:

  • A daily bag limit of 10 fish for Bream, Flathead, Tarwhine, Tailor, Blue Swimmer Crab, Trevallies and Luderick.
  • A possession limit of 20 for the above species
  • Dusky Flathead bag limit of 10, with a possession limit of 10
  • Extended spawning closure for the Australian Bass and Esturary Perch.  The closed season will now include May through to August adding an additional month to the current closure season.
  • A bag limit of trout in general inland waters will reduce to 5 from 10 and the possession limit will reduce to 10 from 20.

Among several other changes including increased small baitfish bag limits as well as netting and traps changes, NSW DPI is piloting a program to allow bowfishing for Carp.  Little information has been made available regarding this program but DPI has indicated it will be strictly regulated and only allowed in key locations during 2015.  A NSW Fishing Licence and NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence will be required.

Although the changes come into effect on Monday 3rd November, there will be a 3 month advisory period that will allow anglers time to adjust to the new rules.  For the full list of rule changes or more information go to  Alternatively you will be able to collect brochures, guides and updated sticky rulers from your local tackle store or fishing licence agent.


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