The Monday Morning Gallery – Daiwa The Next Level: Sydney Rock Fishing

We hope you enjoy the gallery from the 3rd episode of DAIWA’s The Next Level – Sydney Rock Fishing with Alex Bellissimo.

“Hidden beneath the hustle and bustle of Australia’s largest and most densely populated city lays the finest rock fishing in the country. A city of contrasts and a region littered with exceptional fishing, Sydney’s rock fishing is a living, breathing example of progress and development living side by side with nature.

Cross the Harbour Bridge and travel to Sydney’s famous northern beaches region and the urban rat race starts to give way to a slower pace of life, with some of Australia’s oldest national parks rubbing shoulders with pristine sandy beaches, beachside cafes and of course those iconic Sydney sandstone cliffs.

Those iconic cliffs, and striking rocky headlands combine with the vast and varying beaches of the northern beaches to offer anglers some truly superb fishing. One angler knows the area and its fishing better than most, with Sydney rock fishing guide Alex Bellissimo an oracle on the region and the fishing it has to offer. A fishing guide with few peers, Alex knows Sydney’s rocking fishing intimately. An intimate understanding and passion that he has developed over years, and an affinity that he loves to share with clients, friends, and kindred rock fishing souls.

From the intricacies of gathering and plating weed for luderick to the art of finessing and muscling huge groper out of their watery caves Alex loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge and adoration for Sydney’s world class rock fishing”.

You can purchase the first 2 episodes of The Next Level at the DAIWA Store

All images were courtesy of Bradley Sissins (


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