The “Magic Bullet” aka the perfect Bream lure

No matter how much fishing you do you always learn something new each time you do it. Sometimes it’s another piece of a larger pattern for a particular species and occasionally it’s one of those quantum leap/lightbulb moments. First of all, I am not a big believer in the idea of the “perfect lure” and in general I think if you are where the fish are and you put the lure in the right spot you will catch fish. But then I have a session that makes me question that idea.

A lot of my fishing lately has been exploratory trips to small sea side, land locked lakes with a kayak or on a paddle board. One rod, a small selection of lures and a few hours to see what happens. One in particular I have been to a couple of times now I would rate as tiny. It would be maybe 30 metres across and about 300 metres long. You can fish pretty much the entire edge in under an hour when cherry picking the best fish holding structure. What that also means is that I KNOW the fish are there and it’s just about leisurely  paddling around and catching them. I don’t think anybody fishes this place and consequently the bream seem pretty clueless. On this day however they seemed pretty moody and it wasn’t a fish every few casts like it has been.

I rotated through probably 8-10 hardbodies from SX 40’s through Atomic Cranks, Daiwa Double Clutches, Megabass Baby Griffons and a few others with mediocre success. I went around the whole edge twice for three landed and one dropped. One key thing that struck me was that those fish came from what you might refer to as secondary spots. Decent snags but not what I would think was the A1 primo ones that had 10 shags sitting on it that I thought would have had a fish for sure.

Having been around everything twice already I figured a third time wouldn’t hurt and about the only thing I had that had not had a swim was an Austackle Banana Boat thrown in as an afterthought. On the first cast I caught a tiny one of about 10cm and figured “OK this might work”. Paddling past the first snag next to where the car was parked the lure splashed down and with two twitches it was hammered by one of the better sized fish that come out of this place. In between that snag and the next on the grassy edge it got hammered again and then coming to the “shag snag” it got two more good fish.IMG_0796

It was as if a light switch had been turned on and I got about 7 or 8 fish pretty quickly from places I had been through twice. Now, do I think the Banana Boat is the “magic bullet” that will instantly have bream jumping onto your line 365 days a year? No, but it certainly was that day and some of what I thought about just putting a lure in the right spot was eroded. Maybe sometimes fish are more specific than I had thought.

2 responses to “The “Magic Bullet” aka the perfect Bream lure

  1. Great article, so true how with bream mixin it up is so important.
    Thanks for the tips on lure specifics, wouldn’t have thought of that one.

    Also guys where can I get one of those cool lureandfly fishing shirts?

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