Lucky Dip: Presso Rolling Cranks have landed!

DSC8853A new hardbodied lure that is perfect for Bream or Trout was always going to make a splash with and all good things come to those who wait. Add to that a lot of input from Kris Hickson on colours and we were always going to be frothing on their arrival. Daiwa has stock of the majority of their new range of lures and it shouldn’t be long before you see them at your local tackle store. pressorollingcrank_p1pressorollingcrank_p2

My pick for the the “must haves” also include the Spike and the re-introduced Yogiri but for now I will cover my pick for the most all round lure that is going to see a lot of time in the water over summer, the Presso Rolling Crank. With a 32mm body length, sixteen colours, a medium and deep running version and coming out of the box with wickedly sharp hooks they are sure catch but the kicker will be the price. Coming in at around the $20 mark to start they are a fraction of the cost of comparable lures.gekkabijinyogiri_pn_p1

Stay tuned for results when we get them in the water.

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