Monday Morning Gallery – Japan Tackle Show 2015

Welcome back to a brand new year of

We’ve had an extended break this summer, and now we’re back ready to kick into the new year. And what better way to start, than with a gallery from the Japan Fishing Show in Yokohama just last week.  All I can say: it was big!  Every conceivable rod and reel, lure and accessory for every type of fishing imaginable. Notably, there is so much gear available, that we just never see in Australia (more on that later in the week).

From the Daiwa front, the show saw the official release of the 2015 Saltiga, 2015 Exist and 2015 Freams amongst a stack of other new gear.

I hope you enjoy the gallery. It’s by no means a comprehensive documentary of the show, just some of the things that interested me.


2 responses to “Monday Morning Gallery – Japan Tackle Show 2015

  1. Nice picture, Greg.
    Are you allow to purchase anything?
    Is this open to public?
    What is the difference between Japan Fishing Show in Yokohama and Osaka Fishing Show? Just different place?

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