Motor Brackets – How Are You Travelling?


With all the travelling that we do with our boat it is imperative to have a good motor bracket to protect your leg and steering arm.

We had purchased one designed for our Quintrex trailer to find it didn’t have any padding on the metal “V” of the bracket to protect the motor leg. So we wrapped it in all sorts of items from sponges, pool noodles, towels etc but it would always seem to work through and when the metal made contact with the leg it would take chunks out of the coating.

We also rendered it useless when travelling along the Hume Highway we hit a bump and the motor bracket had bounced off the leg of our engine and was now being dragged behind the trailer until it finally set itself free into the path of a lady driving on the freeway. Luckily enough she pulled us up and advised that something flew off our boat and to her quick thinking she was able to swerve out of its path. I would hate to think of what damage it would have either done to her or her car had it hit her at 110klm/hr.

I had remembered an article that Greg Seeto had done a little while ago on motor brackets. I knew they made them for his large 250hp engine with hydraulic steering but it didn’t seem to fit our little engine 80hp with steering cable.


So I made a phone call to Scott Bilton whom was happy to send us a bracket (Lock-N-Haul) that he thought would suit our engine and explained what we may need to do if it didn’t quite fit.

Well we were happy to say for a total cost of approx $60 it was the best investment we have made. It has a safety lanyard just in case it does come off for any reason; it doesn’t damage the motor and is quick and easy to take off and on.

We can now travel easy knowing our motor is protected and that we are not going to hurt any unsuspecting victims on the freeway.

If you are having trouble finding the right fit for your motor than I would suggest dropping Scott Bilton an email at: to discuss your needs.


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