Lure Junkie – Presso Rolling Crank

The Daiwa Presso Rolling Crank is the bite sized crank bait that I’ve been looking for. It’s small enough to have real appeal to bream but heavy enough to have the punch needed to get a decent cast in. My favoured technique for using crank baits is around floating structure like boat hulls.Daiwa Lures 002

Boat hulls are a bream haven when the sun is high and predominantly when the tide is low. I find that the bream tend to hold under the hulls in the shade, often eating from the growth and during the low tide, they can stage there in relative safety, waiting to access areas during the high tide.Daiwa Lures 003

I use the Presso Rolling Crank by fishing from behind the target boat. Casting up the length of the hull and winding the lure back keeps the bait in the strike zone for longer. Compared to approaching the same boat hull from the side, the lure is constantly kept in the area the fish are going to be.Daiwa Lures 001

The Presso Rolling Crank is perfect for this application, paired with a good fluorocarbon and a regular actioned rod, the Presso Rolling Crank casts well and has a good action, perfect for fishing around boat hulls.

Often you’ll see the bream holding under the boat hulls, without scaring them, these are good boats to start with. If they’re still there after you’ve made the cast, there is a good chance you’ve done enough not to scare them and therefore catch them.

One response to “Lure Junkie – Presso Rolling Crank

  1. I have to agree that the Preaso Crank is yet another finely-tuned bream and school mulloway catcher. It has a better size:weight ratio than the Atomic Crank 38 and casts like an absolute bullet. It dives surprisingly deep even though it has such a small bib. The SaqSas trebles are super-sharp and sticky (but flimsy) as always but they will still catch you good fish if you angle the fish well and set your drag right – landed a 62cm schoolie that was just barely pinned on the bottom lip on my first outing with the Presso Crank. Only drawback is that it costs a 5er more than the Atomic Crank 38 so if you bust off, it hurts a tad bit more hahaha

    And welcome back Chris!! Yay, lure junkie updates are back!! Oh how I’ve missed em!!

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