Hobie Kayak Bream Series – Round 2 Marlo

Hobie Marlo 003

2 responses to “Hobie Kayak Bream Series – Round 2 Marlo

  1. I was interested when looking at the photos the numbers of Hobie livewells as opposed to the number of competitors making their own livewells out of ice boxes and the manual pumping systems. Just as a matter of interest what are the advantages and disadvantages of each system.
    I know the hobie livewells are retailing for around $400 and the SLH livewell pump kit is retailing at $250 plus your esky/ice box. I would be interested to know what you blokes think being involved.
    The kayak bream thing is one I would like to have a go at some point. it looks a bit more relaxed than the power boat scene.

  2. Hi Chris, I would say most use a DIY live well constructed using a hand pump plumbed to an insulated esky, the Waeco 41lt Cool Ice boxes are probably the most popular and cost about $150 from memory. The benefits of the DIY box is they are considerably bigger than the Hobie live well, but in my opinion the biggest advantage with the DIY box is the fact that they are insulated, the hobie live wells arnt and unless you run the pump all day in the Hobie LW you run chance of cooking your fish. The best feature of the Hobie well is they are electric so no manual pumping is required.p, although some guys have installed electric pumps into their DIY coolers. I am currently looking at a way to do this using the existing batteries I have in the yak.

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