Look no further…

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Sometimes you don’t need to look much further than your car window to find a quick fishing fix. You don’t need a big boat and a heap of fishing tackle, just a portable fishing rod and a handful of lures will do just fine.

Fish have the ability to inhabit places most people will overlook, sometimes that creek or stream looks too good to be true but if you don’t stop and cast a line, you will never know. Prime examples are my experience fishing for Bass in Western Sydney and when passing through the Snowy Mountains region. It’s seldom that I’m not carrying a rod and my shoulder tackle bag in the car if I’m heading anywhere I think there might be a fish.

Sydney Bassin' 001
In Western Sydney, the opportunity to catch fish is endless as Bass, Estuary Perch and the dreaded European Carp inhabit so many bodies of water. Keeping in mind that there are expansive flood plains out here, it’s not unusual to find fish in landlocked ponds as they quite often can become trapped after flooding occurs.

You only need to take a quick look at google maps and you will be able to see the likeliness of fish inhabiting the waters. Check to see if the creek runs to a river and/or what obstacles lay in the path. Remember, Bass can easily migrate upstream over super skinny water and European Carp, well they seem to be just about everywhere and despite the fact they are a noxious pest, catching these fish is a lot of fun. Remember if you do catch these carp, it is highly encouraged to humanely dispose of them rather than returning them to the water.

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As a rule of thumb, I was once told that if the water flows to the sea, you will find Bass and if you find yourself on the other side of the range where the water is flowing inland, there is a good chance you will find Trout. Using that information, I tend to find myself travelling with my 6’2″ Presso Iprimi rod and a handful of small minnow lures if I’m heading in that direction. Chasing trout in the Snowy Mountain streams is no different.

There is an abundance to be found and the beauty of this sort of country is that unlike the Sydney Metropolitan area, access isn’t as much of a problem. Quite often you can pull up on the side of the road, beside a river or bridge to find a clear patch of ground to cast from. When you do catch a fish, the satisfaction seems that much greater knowing you are only 6 feet from the curb.

Next time you are heading out and you think you may pass some fishable water, take a rod and a handful of lures. While you may have 15 minutes up your sleeve to pitch a few practice casts, there is a good chance that you will pleasantly surprise yourself at the same time.

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