Lucky Dip Review : The Selfie Stick

To anyone younger than myself this is probably nothing new but up until Christmas day just past a few months ago I had never seen or heard of a selfie stick but as soon as I did it was immediately one of those “I need one” moments. As much as a DSLR camera is a great thing to have they are bulky and a pain to lug around fishing ALL the time. Add to this fishing by myself or fishing in a kayak and a DSLR is doubly useless because you can’t get yourself in the photo.71eRCdZs0WL._SY679_WK1aLoD

But all of this leads into one of my pet hates when it comes to fishing photography. I really hate a picture of a fish laying on the ground with a rod next to it (yes I’m guilty of it) or of a fish in a hand stretched out in front of you (also guilty). Sometimes you catch a fish that you really want a picture of but no one is around to take one or you left your DLSR/tripod/remote shutter at home. 4365 6691 9934

So the selfie stick immediately solved this for me. Basically it is just and telescopic stick that hold your phone and has a Bluetooth button on the shaft you use to take the pic. At $35-40 its really not that big an investment but the results are instant and noteworthy. Are you going to get the cover of Fish Life magazine with one? No. But you can turn a cringeworthy photo of a good fish into something worth looking at.

The selfie stick in action

The selfie stick in action

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