Madfish Extreme Gear

The Christmas holidays started with a Christmas present for both Scott and I, being a Madfish Catch Bag.

We all know how important it is to keep your catch cold. We would normally put a large esky at the front of the boat which took up loads of deck space and in our particular smallish trailer boat room is very important but so is keeping our catch cold.


I was a little dubious to start with thinking of how hard it would be to handle and load in the boat, how cold it would stay and how easy it would be to clean. To my surprise all of the above have been easier than I had anticipated.

Made from 1000 density marine grade vinyl with two large shoulder strap handles and two smaller carry handles at either end it is quite easy to carry with a full load. Scott and I, when unloading from the boat just grab a larger shoulder strap each and then when carrying up to the house we grab the smaller handle each and walk up the footpath.

Cleaning, all I can say is “WOW”. A little bit of detergent with some warm water and an old cloth makes for a simple hose and wipe out. It doesn’t matter if there is some blood from the fish nor does it hold any odour. Open up the large drainage hole, I give it a quick hose and then get my bowl of soapy water and give it a quick wipe and then hose again. It comes up sparkling every time.


They are available in 3 different sizes, we are using the medium size at the moment which measures 110cm x 20cm x 47cm and holds 100L, great for the keeping the drinks cold between fish.

They have a tough TPU coated plastic zip and the zip puller made from zinc alloy, quite sturdy and the bag is padded with mould resistant 25mm sponge.

You can release the air valve to fold up for a smaller size if needed for travelling.


No bending of fishes tails trying to get your catch to fit in. Love a feed of fresh fish and love this idea of keeping them stored all day on ice.

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