Bye bye my baby, bye bye…

Maybe you know it, maybe you don’t, but for the first time in 9 years, I’m boatless. My baby’s gone to a new home. A new owner, new dawn, new routines and hopefully plenty more fish gracing her decks.


I have to say, I really loved my Stratos.  21 foot of pure speed and adrenaline, stable at rest, and comfortable.  From the moment she arrived on the ship from her long journey across from the US, I had many exciting days fishing off her.


I caught many species, travelled to some great locations, fished in countless Bream tournaments, caught firsts and PB’s and watched my mates and kids catch firsts and PB’s.




We had some great laughs, shared lots of stories and hours of talking crap: fishing, politics and how we would change the world or win the next tournament. I filmed episodes for TV, the fishing DVD and the Next Level on her.


I lost glasses, flip flops and nets as we flew across waterways, had guys lose hats as we took off at speed (and be too embarrassed to tell me), got caught in storms and roasted in 40+ degree heatwaves, resorting to swims off the side as we floated along “cicada’ing” up a storm.

I only hope that the new owner has as much fun, creates as many memories and catches as many great fish as I did.  Oh, and I hope he’s prepared to lend her to me every now and again … Chris bought the big yellow and white Stratos, so fortunately she stays in the family !!


Now to bludge fishing trips and boat rides off my mates for a while (you know who you are) until I work out what the next episode has in store.


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