My new arrival

As you’d be aware, Greg’s boat is gone and my boat has arrived.   Some of you may quote me as saying “I’ll be buried in my boat” and that is kind of true, the old Javelin is one of the best bass boats I have been in and the new owner, I suspect, will be happy with the speed, the ride and the comfort factor. It out performed most, if not all, 19ft/150hp options on the water and the Javelin is older and less advanced than a lot of those boats.bye bye feature

Greg’s My boat was one of only 2 reasons I would upgrade from the Javelin. It is a longer, more stable platform and I know it’s recent history enough to know it was going to be a safe buy. With a new boat, comes new energy. I’ve spent a few weeks now, tinkering, hacking and changing the setup to suit my desired setup.Boat 002

I’ve changed over the sounders, I’ve put on the Lowrance HDS 12’s that I am familiar with, this involved mounting and running new transducers, power cables, Ethernet cables and also a NMEA 2000 cable. The last cable is invaluable as it feeds a huge amount of engine data to the sounder and being a 12 inch sounder means that it is nice and big in front of me.Boat 005

The Minn Kota has been playing up for a while and working this out was a priority. My first step was to do the simplest thing, that was to repair the problem but once I had identified and repaired that, replacing the whole foot pedal and cable would be a smarter solution. I have to say that, the cable steer units are remarkably simple and with a simple set of tools, some spare parts (or in my case a spare trolling motor) I had the job done in about half an hour.Boat 001

Some of the switch panels were cracked and wouldn’t last the “firmer” touch that I possess, so I went about cutting and installing new panels from PVC panelling. Some switches still need to be replaced but that’s a simple task. Panels also needed to be cut to fill the voids left by Greg’s old sounders, it was just a matter of cutting cardboard templates and carefully cutting the PVC.Boat 003

The last thing I did so far was remove what appears to be the previous (or at least a massive part of) wiring loom from Greg’s old Evinrude. There were metres and metres of old wiring, water pressure sensor tube, old on board charger cables, jacking plate controllers and even a pair of heart shaped sunglasses (yours Greg?) from the bilge and running along the wiring channels of the boat.Boat 004

Now, this isn’t to say I bought a dud or that Greg didn’t look after his boat but as I said, with a new boat, comes new energy and I knew that I had some work to do to setup the sounders as a minimum so committed to getting as much done before I had her on the water for the first time. I expect to have many years of service ahead of me and I know that my new boat is a reliable one.

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