Like a kid waiting for Christmas…

Do you recall any time in your life when you were overly anxious and excited about an upcoming event, so much so that you would lose sleep or spend countless hours thinking about it? To paint a picture of my current situation, I feel like a young child on the 24th of December waiting for Christmas Day to see what the fat man has delivered.

The last 32 of my short 34 year life I have spent living in and around Sydney, my first two years of existence was spent in Papua New Guinea which probably doesn’t really count anyway because I have zero recollection of the experience. Just recently, my family and I have chosen to pack up our life here in Sydney and move two and a half thousand kilometres north to tropical Cairns in North Queensland away from all our family and friends. The decision to move north has promoted varied thoughts and conversations between us as well as family, friends and work colleagues: from where we will live, schooling, shopping, and obviously fishing. It’s amazing how much time can get away from you with these conversations and the deep trances of thoughts that captivate your mind. Without even getting into the conversations about boats, kayaks and crocs, my mind has been racing on species, techniques, tackle and equipment alone. I feel like apart from the pure basics of find the bait, match the hatch and tempt the fish, I will need to learn so much just from the change in location.


I’ve been doing hours of research on fishing in Cairns and in doing so I have read about numerous species of fish to be caught in Far North Queensland. Jungle Perch, Sooties and Barramundi in the sweetwater while Barramundi, Mangrove Jacks and Mud Crabs are popular targets in the estuaries. Moving outside there seems to be a plethora of choice including Coral Trout, Grunter, GT’s, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna and Marlin just to name a few. I’m not sure how long this leg of my life’s journey will hold me in Cairns but one thing is for certain, I intend on exploring and experiencing as many different opportunities as I can during my time up there. What does that mean for me? After seeking advice from friends and acquaintances and researching the expanses of the World Wide Web, I have come to the realisation that I probably have suitable equipment and tackle to cover off some of the sweetwater and estuary species but when it comes to larger impound Barramundi or reef dwelling pelagics I’m definitely going to be in need of some new equipment as well as build a basic supply of tackle to suit.

I retained half a dozen of my Bream, Bass and Snapper outfits and the majority of the tackle to go with it, but in the next few months I will focus on gathering a few basic outfits for that trophy impoundment Barra or tangling with a reef dwelling GT. The balance will be ensuring I have something, rods and reels, tackle and equipment to give anything a shot when the opportunities present without buying a whole lot of gear I may not necessarily need. I guess that is all part of the learning curve, it is always easy to look back with the mindset ‘if I only knew back then what I know now’.


To say I’m excited about this new leg of my life’s journey would be a vast understatement, sure there is definitely things about Sydney I am going to miss like my family and friends and the vast variety of fishing that is available within a stones throw.  However this move to Cairns also has plenty of positives, it provides my career an opportunity that doesn’t necessarily come up too often, I’ll be spending more time with my family without having weekly work trips around the country and when the opportunity presents, I hope to capitalise on the vastly different fishing opportunities to what Sydney has to offer.


Stay posted, from the second half of this year as I’m hoping I can bring a somewhat different dimension to and Daiwa that has historically been more of a treat gained from holiday getaways or other generous contributors.

One response to “Like a kid waiting for Christmas…

  1. All the best to you and the family on your journey north Ian. I’m sure you’re all in for some exciting time and you are all full of butterflies in apprehension of what to expect. My family and I did the same years ago much to the rest of the families dissapproval and had ourselves a blast. Not only when we arrived there but on the road as well. The adventure is still talked about today many years later. Looking forward to your blogs on FNQ and good luck again with it all.

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