Bad Moon Rising


For the Easter Break after checking the weather forecast for the coast, which didn’t look very favourable, we decided to hit the freshwater and head back up to Wyangala Dam.

It also happened to coincide with the full moon.  After hearing a lot on the fishing scene that the big cod are trolled up at night under the moonlight we were keen to try our hand at it.

We have caught plenty of cod before but not that big girl of a metre or more.  So we were determined to put in a big effort.

Burrinjuck Dam 6. Photo courtesy Vicki Lear

As we are fishaholics we had to formulate a plan otherwise we would fish all day and then burn ourselves out before the moonrise.  So the plan was to fish hard in the morning into the early afternoon and then take a break for the late afternoon, sit by the fire, cook dinner and ready ourselves to head back out again.

Friday was too windy and the cloud cover rolled in by nightfall so we saved ourselves for Saturday night, as this was the actual night of the full moon.

Excited we had eaten, packed the boat ready to go and sat around the fire waiting.  As the moon rose we headed out onto the water, the cloud cover cleared but than Scott had pointed out it was not full, seemed to be covered by something.  You are kidding.  As both of us had not seen any news for a few days we were unaware what was about to happen.  It was the night of the full blood moon.  This was a beautiful sight to watch from the water.


However, this made it quite dark on the water but we had looked forward to this moment all weekend so we persevered and continued to troll the banks.  We needed the spotlight on every couple of metres to make sure we didn’t run into the bank or a tree.  It was proving quite difficult so we returned to camp without a strike.  In hindsight we should have recorded a track on our GPS earlier in the day and then hit play and let the boat follow it.  But we were too busy fishing to muck around with this.


We had one more night to give it a go.  Sunday night was perfect and completely different to be out on the water with the moon lighting up all the surrounds.  We didn’t need the spotlight at all.  We trolled for many hours, mainly large spinner baits hoping to grab a mighty cod’s attention.  Getting off the water at about 1.30am we unfortunately went back to camp empty handed.

With the fishing being fantastic through the day we won’t let these couple of nights defeat us, we will keep trying in our quest for a large Murray Cod and happy to try different techniques to achieve this.


Bring on the next full moon, so we can give it another crack.

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