A few memories of Sydney…

Fishing in Cairns, mail redirection, change of address, banking, registrations, licenses, schools, houses, dogs, relocation companies and the fishing I’ll miss in Sydney are just some of the million things on my mind at the moment while thinking about our big move. Sydney offers so many opportunities for fishing and has provided so many memories, here are just a few things I’ll remember about fishing in Sydney.

Access to fisheries

Realistically Sydney is positioned quite well when it comes to fishing locations in close proximity. Regardless of the type of fishing you do, within a couple of hours north, south or west there is ample opportunity for fishing to satisfy most anglers.
Within Sydney there are several systems to choose from and one of the unique things about Sydney is there are headlands in each fishery with no bars to cross to access inshore or offshore fishing grounds. From south to north:

  • Port Hacking, a small fishery, crystal clear with plenty of easy access. Although I generally find this a tough fishery to crack, some of my best sessions have come from this waterway.
  • Georges River
    • The Cooks River is joined to the Georges River through the northern side of Botany Bay. This small system is one of my favourite places to fish as it is easily accessible in the boat, kayak or on foot. It is rarely fished by many people but is full of fish with Bream, Jewfish, Flathead and even Trevally being regular catches. One year, Josh and I even netted a very lost juvenile Dolphin fish in the Cooks River, 6km from the heads of Botany Bay.

Cooks River Breamin’


  • It should be without saying that one of the best things about living in Sydney is being able to fish on Sydney Harbour. What those living in Sydney may take for granted, millions of tourists each year across the world will pay a premium dollar to access. To be able to cruise past the Opera House and under the Harbour Bridge without having to worry about fighting crowds on ferries or cruise boats.
    Despite the few negative comments we have about Sydney Harbour such as boat traffic, river cats and harbour ferries, it is a small price to pay for a beautiful view and healthy fishery. Plus, jet skis have been banned from operating there.
    Sydney Harbour is an expansive system made up of the Parramatta River, Lane Cove River, Port Jackson and Middle Harbour. These four systems offer pretty much every species Sydney has to offer with easy access to offshore fishing grounds.
  • Hawkesbury River, is a large contrasting fishery. From the crystal clear waters of Pittwater which lies just inside the heads to the south and has numerous wrecks, boats and foreshores. Moving clockwise inland is Cowan Creek, Berowra Waters, the expansive Hawkesbury River which runs right up to the Nepean River at Penrith. Then to the north is Brisbane Waters providing access to the central coast.

Australian Open  021

Blue Swimmer Crabs

Catching a feed of delicious blue swimmer crabs in summer will definitely be missed. I guess we’ll have to settle for mud crabs instead when we head north.

Change in focus 004

Summer Crabs


Blue Mountains Trout
The Cox’s River offers wild trout streams only a couple of hours from Sydney mayhem while Thompsons Creek Dam offers year round trout fishing where we have in the past had some very productive sessions.


Image: Bradley Sissins 2013


Western Sydney Bass
Western Sydney offers some phenomenal bass fishing that still surprises people. Without my good friend Aaron Horne, I probably would never have experienced these fish that we often caught in all sorts of places like ponds, creeks, drains and even flood plains during heavy rain. I would never have learnt techniques he showed me such as shaking trees above the water and his infamous figure 8. I probably would never have trod on the head of a black snake either.

Bass 22112014 008

Western Sydney Bass


Bream Australian Open
With only a handful of tournaments under my belt the 2008 Bream Australian Open was an enormous learning experience. Far from the one day team events I had fished it was a gruelling 3 days that saw us fishing against what I still regard as some of the best Bream anglers I’ve encountered. Towner, Morgan, Wright, Hickson and Lee just to name a few.
This tournament became the benchmark, the must do of all the events on the calendar. Since 2008 I’ve competed in every Open, through the transition to the boater only change up until the last one which was held in 2013. The highlight of these had to be not only taking out the event in 2012 but backing it up in front of a crowd at the Rose Hill Boat Show in 2013.


2013 Bream Australian Open


Although there are aspects of leaving Sydney that I’ll definitely miss, this next chapter of my life will no doubt present many opportunities from Barramundi in Lake Tinaroo, Jungle Perch in the streams, Mud Crabs, Mangrove Jacks, Threadfin Salmon and Barramundi in the estuaries, and Gt’s, Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout, Dolphin Fish, Tuna, Red Emperor and maybe even a Black Marlin. These are only the species that I know of, I’m sure there are many more as well. I just need to be prepared for any opportunity and local knowledge when it presents.

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