I could get to like this…….. Launching lures off the rocks!

I’m always on the search for something new to do. Like a lot of people I will chase anything that swims and lately I have been trying my hand at launching lures off the rocks looking for pelagics.

At first I was keen on hooking into some Aussie Salmon but the Tailor have been a good substitute while I wait for the Sambos to come in. 10588 10527 10565

I traded in some of the masses of Bream gear I had (don’t worry I hung onto all my favourite stuff) and bought some stuff suited to heavier things like Snapper and Kings as well as two new Daiwa Sensor Wave rods. Both 12 foot two piece rods, one a light action rated 3-6kg and the other medium action rated 5-10kg. So far I’m in love with the light action one. Looking around most tackle stores many of the rods seem way too heavy with rods 10-15kg seeming the norm. The light action launches lures in the 25 to 40 gram range a country mile on the 10lb braid I’ve been testing but once you hook a fish there is some fight to be had with tailor up to a couple of kilos. 10599

The first thing I learned was that leaders needed to be shorter and heavier than I first thought. Shorter because you can leave the knot outside the top guide for more distance and heavier because you will need to haul fish up and out of the water. The second thing I really learned quite quickly is the need to have sunglasses on at all times. Even the few trips I have done there has been more than a few lures shaken free that come flying at you or fall out as your are lifting a fish and come straight up at your face. A very good idea to have your eyes protected. 10621

My favourite thing is that it only takes a few hours before or after work to get my fill and then I’m done. I can’t wait until the Salmon and Bonito come in closer or for the inevitable random Kingfish.

 10619 10611

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