Out of my comfort zone with the Daiwa Tackle Organiser

I never thought I’d end up on the back of a boat again during a tournament but the opportunity to fish with Kris Hickson, as well as doing some filming while having a chat to Kris about the new range of Daiwa lures was too much of a draw to miss the opportunity but first thing was first, I needed to pack a boat load of gear into a non-boater friendly bag.

I usually use tackle trays and have no need for a tackle bag but obviously fishing off someone else’s boat and already being limited by carrying camera gear meant I needed to put my normal tournament load on a massive diet and shoe horn it into a bag.Daiwa 006

Enter the Daiwa Tackle Organiser. This bag is perfect for a non boater or any angler for that matter. The concept of good design is having features and benefits that aren’t noticed. The storage, grab handles and shoulder strap have been designed and positioned by the angler. Having the shoulder strap offset to the grab handle meant I could transfer from the car to the boat, while having my rods in my hand without too much juggling.

I could also pack and unpack the bag from the fully opening cover, that wasn’t impeded by the design. While the buckled top flap allowed me to store strap my jumper and wet weather gear to the top of the bag once the day warmed up.Daiwa 004

The internal storage was also well thought out, I was able to use 6 small tackle trays and a large tray to get everything I needed for a day on the water with Kris. The mesh pocket on top also meant I could store my soft plastics, that have a tendency to leak, away from my tackle trays. The side pockets worked out to be just right for my leader material and tools.

The Tackle Organiser was actually comfortable to fish out of and would never have fit everything I needed but in saying that, there is not a bag around that could carry the tournament gear that I would want it to.Daiwa 005

Stay tuned for my interview with Kris Hickson and his thoughts on his 3 favourite bream lures!

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