On The Pulse


Between the storms, wild wind, swell and work commitments it has been at least four weeks since I have been able to get out for a fish.

Being a fishaholic this has been absolute agony for me and I pity my husband having to put up with his wife.

Mind you I have filled in my spare time preparing for an upcoming trout trip. I will be attending “The Next Step” run by Joshua Hutchins and Juan Luis Del Carmen. This will involve some tutorial but mostly it will be time on the water putting into practice the art of fly-fishing. I have tied some flies and twisted some tapered leaders in preparation. I can’t wait for this trip but in the meantime I hope the weather gives us a lull before my trout trip so I can hit the salt water for some snapper.

trout release

It is amazing how much the fish can move location with the all the weather conditions that have occurred and the input of freshwater. The next step is to find them?

The first couple of trips I suspect will be hit and miss and will involve sounding around all the inshore, middle and outer reefs to find where the fish are schooled. We won’t even let a lure hit the water until we spot a school of fish on the sounder worth casting for.


Once you have located the fish and if weather conditions stay stable you will find that they won’t move far from this location.

If you can get out each weekend from here then your fingers remain on the pulse and in return you will have some successful fishing trips.

It is quickly lost though once you get weather conditions like we are experiencing now you will need to start all over again.

Vicki PB Snapper

Keeping your fingers on the pulse is not only for snapper fishing, it could be for cod fishing in dams and rivers to find where they are moving to with the influx of water or any other species you chose to target.

They say practice makes perfect and I have to agree, constantly fishing for a certain species keeps you in the zone to constantly catch.

Hopefully you can all get on the water to enjoy your style/species of fishing and get your fingers on the pulse.

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