Give it a chance to fail

Not my title, but rather “borrowed” from an article I read recently on Gink & Gasoline. It reminded me of Chris’ experiences in the early days of Faced with the prospect of fishing a new water way, combined with his somewhat insatiable appetite to try new techniques, he found himself in a predicament – Drop shotting the snags of Mallacoota for Black Bream in an ABT grand final.


Yep you just read that right. Firstly, drop shotting for bream isn’t a popular, nor is it regularly accepted as a conventional form of fishing for Bream in Australia, but it’s a technique he/we had been playing around with for some time on our home waters.

And why shouldn’t it work? Drop-shotting is a proven technique on lots of other species, and the virtually unweighted presentation on the snags should be killer.

Chris was greeted with lots of “knockers”. “Won’t work”. “Can’t work”. “Dropshot? LOL”. But he persisted. We’d been having success on the poles, pontoons and mooring blocks in the Harbour. The technique allows you to fish relatively unweighted in most conditions and move relatively quickly without resorting to reaction techniques like crankbaiting.

So how did Chris fare? He gave the technique a red-hot chance to fail, despite the doubters, and it didn’t. On the prefish, he had enough fun and hooked enough fish using the technique to validate his decision to give it a go, giving him confidence to persist.



Unfortunately on game day, the plans fell apart, but the point of the blog is not so much to advocate drop shotting for bream, but more so to encourage you to get out there and try something different. If you have a hair-brained technique that you think should work, chances are it will, and you might stumble on the next big thing, or at least your next big thing.



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