The Monday Morning Gallery – A Trophy Trout

What a great start to what was going to be a weekend of trout fishing on the Eucumbene River.  Amber Johnstone Gygi and myself went away for a girls weekend of fishing.  It was to start with a lazy day fishing on Friday.  Sleeping in until about 9.30am, then headed to the bakery at Adaminaby for brunch before heading down to the river to start fishing.  We didn’t want to wear ourselves out before the jam packed two days of fly fishing and theory we were about to experience with Aussie Fly Fisher (Joshua Hutchins) and Juan Luis Del Carmen at their Next Steps Course.

We tampered with the fly rod before our course but with no luck, so luckily I packed the spin rod also.  So we swapped rods after one of us would catch a fish.  I apologise now for so many photos of Amber’s fish but I must say, it was a horse.  We estimated it around 8lb.  Unfortunately I didn’t take the good camera either as I was too scared of falling in the water with it, but I think we still captured the greatness of this fish.  This was also to be Ambers first Brown Trout.  What a way to start.  Well done Amber I think I am still shaking with adrenalin.  This buck was also released so that somebody else can enjoy a similar experience.

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