Up the Creek – Words and Images by Brad Roberts

During the summer months while many head to the coast for annual holidays and time away, things can become pretty busy on the more popular waterways. Places like the Gippsland lakes, Marlo and Bemm River in Victoria are regular haunts for me right throughout the year and while these places still fish extremely well during summer, the higher levels of boating activity often push me further and further away from humanity in order to fill the sense of adventure I get from a day out fishing. Creek fishing is nothing new, nor do you need a lot of gear. I only have a two wheel drive sedan but that doesn’t stop me from dropping my 12’ tinny into some pretty gnarly and remote creeks from time to time, all it takes is a bit of forward planning and research. Resources such as topographic maps and even Google maps are the best places to start planning trips as they offer a wide variety of information on the area in question, especially if it is an area you haven’t been to before. A lot of these places will have limited or no phone reception, so don’t forget to let someone know where you’re headed before you leave. DSCF3927editlnf

Where to start fishing in these creeks is often the hardest question to answer, the majority of banks will look attractive and driving past good areas to find great spots can provide too much for many people but the best advice I can give is not to second guess yourself – if you have your doubts just keep driving, you can always come back if needed. The other is to look for ‘spots on spots’, these areas are more often than not the most consistent and will make for solid ‘go to’ areas should you be unable to find fish elsewhere. Areas such as the junction of creeks or a small rocky section on a bank lined with tea tree can be all it takes to consistently hold fish. DSCF3931-1

A large part of the appeal toward this type of fishing is the reward you gain from the time and effort you put in to planning a trip, nine times out of ten the scenery will be amazing and the fishing will be right up there to rival it! Fishing remote isn’t always easy, but always worth it.DSCF3931-1 dscf3941edit DSCF3927editlnf

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