Guest Publisher, Marcel Krieger – Drift Socks


At the recent Vic ABT rounds it was good to get back out on the water and catch a few bream, although the big ones eluded me.  At Mallacoota, my fish came from the schools holding in 3-4m of water using a variety of vibes and soft plastic.  With the wind pushing the boat on both days it was important that we used a sea anchor or drift sock to slow the drift down and spend more time over the fish.

Luckily for me both my boaters had this handy tool on board and we could move to the top of a drift run and deploy it.  It was another reminder for me of a tool that might only be rarely used in tournaments but could give you that much needed edge on the competition.


Whilst some sea anchors or drogues can be heavy to retrieve made from PVC and like pulling a large bucket of water into the boat, I was impressed with the new Minn Kota drift sock that we used on day 2.

The design means that you pull the yellow rope to collapse the sock and swiftly pull it aboard without water drenching your shoes.  It is a strong yet light weight design and collapses into a compact outfit easy to store in hatches.  The added harness and float makes it easy to connect to your boats cleats and you can easily keep an eye on the rope when fighting a fish thanks to the added float. If needed you can release the clip and you won’t lose your drogue thanks to the brightly coloured float.



If you are a boat owner check out a drift sock.  It may be a valuable tool to deliver success with some cold water schooling bream or better still help your drift when trying to get a feed of calamari. Now that sounds more like it.

More information can be found on the following links:-

Minnkota Drift Sock

BLA – Sea Anchor

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