Winter Hibernation


I am normally the first to admit that it is cold, windy and dark at this time of year and that there is no better place then to stay in bed. This winter though it has been a different fishing experience for me.

Once you were out in the cold, if you were dressed appropriately it wasn’t so bad. I braved conditions of minus 8, bitter westerly winds, drenched rock fishing and even got my feet wet launching the kayak.


My fishing options were endless, from snapper fishing, trout, bass in dams, land based  and estuary fishing and no shortage of fish either. Although I did get up before the crack of dawn to go trout fishing the balance of my fishing involved pretty relaxed gentleman hours and yet still successfully catch fish.

Don’t get me wrong I will be happy to see the start of spring in a couple of weeks and the opening of bass season that coincides with this.

GOPR0347 (1)

There is still time if you haven’t braved the cold this season to get out, dust off the rod and lures and go catch some fish. Also fewer crowds to contend with because like you everybody else is in bed or enjoying their bacon and eggs.


I have been so keen to fish every weekend this winter and mixing up the adventures has been an awesome experience.

What are you waiting for?


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