RIDING OUT THE STORM – Words and Images by Brad Roberts

One of the major factors that prevents people from getting out and enjoying the water this time of year, especially down here in the southern states is the regularity of unfavourable weather conditions that we as anglers have to contend with. Wind is easier to avoid during winter, but sadly rain and cold temperatures are not. So for anyone who would like to extend their so called ‘fishing season’ and even fish all year round in a lot more comfort, a quality set of wet weather gear is a must. In the past, a few guys have taken it upon themselves to import their own sets from places like America but difficulty getting correct sizing and the high cost of freight pushes the price well above the budget for the most people.

Enter a new player in the game, STORMR foul weather gear has been an important addition to a large number of anglers arsenals so far this winter and adds another level of versatility when out on days of unfavourable weather. Personally, I am someone who looks in great detail at the whole picture, not just the catching fish part. So if I can go out on any given day and fish exactly the way that I want to, uninterrupted by minor things such as the weather, how much of an advantage will that give me over the guy who will only go out if the forecast looks favourable? Or the guy who will leave a productive area to ‘just duck around the corner out of the wind’?
Being in a tournament situation only amplifies my thoughts and reliance on this type of gear.


From waterproof bib and brace pants with reinforced knees to jackets with sealed wrists, these quality rain suits will stand up to the test of time and are so comfortable they can be worn in any situation. Personally I choose the Fusion suit as I can wear it all year round, it’s great to put on over the top for summer storms as the material breathes extremely well, then by wearing a jumper underneath it keeps me well and truly warm enough even on days when the temperature is down in single figures. The sealed wrists on the jackets are one point that I have been questioned about on numerous occasions, it does sound different when you first hear about it but the idea is simple – a small section of neoprene is sewn inside the end of the jacket sleeves and sits snug around your wrist. This will stop any wind and also water, whether it be rain or fish splashing in a livewell from running into the sleeves of your jacket, the best part is that you don’t even notice it’s there. DSCF4251-(2)-3
I encourage everyone to take a step back from their normal routine of preparing for a trip and have a good look at all the things that they can control, get those sorted to the best of your ability and work toward the fish from there.

For more information on the STORMR range please visit stormrusa.com or the stormr Australia facebook page.G0161564

One response to “RIDING OUT THE STORM – Words and Images by Brad Roberts

  1. Brad, got one these outfits last week which I used at Glenbawn during heavy rain and thunderstorm on the weekend. After fishing and traveling in these conditions, I still had a dry ponytail for the weighin stage (not that most guys would give any consideration about such things). My only regret is I didn’t get one as soon as they they became available! I could have been more comfortable throughout the recent winter months.

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