Hydrowave… good kit or gimmick?

Hydrowave, I didn’t buy into it until I fished with Kris Hickson on Sydney Harbour. A waterway that I know intimately, have fished a few different types of bite patterns and prospered and suffered at the hands of the bream population there.30

The Hydrowave is a device that generates a sound that is advertised to “trigger” the feeding pattern of fish. It does this by mimicking the sound of prawns fleeing, fish feeding or any number of sounds. When they first hit the Australian market, there was a little bit of an uproar of the fairness of the “sound burley” that the Hydrowave was perceived to be.

Like any product on the fishing market, there is the advertising spin, the actual benefits and the perceived benefits. Plenty of products are surrounded by this aura and plenty have actual benefits to support this. Hydrowave was not one for me, it reminded me a lot of the Sesame Street episode where Burt and Ernie go fishing, Ernie successfully attracts the fish by yelling “here fishy fishy”. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a convert now.

I’ve got an older version of the Hyrdowave on the new boat, I’ve never had much success but that may be related to the sounds it emits and how it is used. Kris is running the newer Australian H2 version, it has different sounds and seems to have much better suited range of sounds (obviously).

The effect of the Hydrowave was fairly evident, the water was exceptionally clear for Sydney. At the time of fishing, we were getting the first lot of rain for some time, so the fishing was pretty hard going. What Kris was able to point out was the fish swimming towards the boat, as the Hydrowave was on.

This IS NOT hard evidence but it was enough to convince me that the unit had some effect on the fish, as they thought there were other surface feeding bream and prawns about and were heading over to the boat to check it out.

It became clear to me after watching the fish that we could see, not spook or flee once we got close to them. Normally, the fish (especially in clear water) are fleeing by the time you’re within 10m of them. The Hydrowave got us a little closer to them and I have no doubt allowed us to catch some of those fish, when we had absolutely no right to.

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