Getting Jiggy With It

DSC_1968This winter we have had some fun in pimping up our own jigs and now you can even buy jigs that are not dressed at all so you need to dress them with your own hooks etc;

In a way it is a bit like creating a fly and catching a fish on it. You have all sorts of different coloured plastic squid, bits of tinsel etc; that are normally found on bait jigs, then there is also an option of whether you put a plastic lure on also and then if you are going to use a one or two hook rig. Be as creative as you can mix different colours and also think about whether you are going to use lumo colours that glow in the dark to fish those depths.


Micro jigging has also opened up a whole world of new water for our snapper fishing. With a range of different sizes from 40grams up to 130grams available you can fish with these jigs anywhere from 50 metres of water through to 120 metres. We haven’t been much further out than this as yet. Depending on current and wind on how many grams you use. If you are constantly getting snagged than lighten up your weight, if you are not even getting to the bottom than you need to go heavier.

Be prepared to be active all day and pump up those arm muscles. Jigging is not for those that want to sit down and relax to fish. You are constantly on the move and if you are running two rods at a time than be prepared for a full on day. Depending on the conditions you can sometimes let it sink right next to the boat to hit bottom, once on bottom give the handle a couple of winds so your jig is just sitting off the bottom and then start giving it little twitches up and down with some pauses in between. We have found this to be the best action. Other days you might have to cast up your drift line and let the lure drift towards the boat before you hit the bottom. You just have to get a feel on what works best for you.


We have found by adventuring into different waters that not only do the snapper love them but the mowong, flathead, perch, leather jacket and unfortunately the pike and barracuda. Yes we have lost a few on the drop this year to the dreaded barracuda. They have definitely kept our local tackle stores in business.

I am not going to hang them up for the winter I am actually excited about what summer is going to bring on them. Not only more snapper but I am thinking dolphin fish, kingfish the list could be endless.

So pimp it up and get jiggy with it.


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