Daiwa Testing: Silver Wolf Z Ronin 662 ULFS-I

The Interline isn’t a new concept for Daiwa, it is a guideless fishing rod, where the fishing line runs through the blank. With only one external guide, it provides plenty of advantages over a standard fishing rod. More than the update in the cosmetics, the interline sees an improvement on what was already an exceptional blank action and feel in hand.SWZ-interline

The new Silver Wolf Z Ronin 662ULFS-I is the latest interline iteration for Daiwa. With its sleek black design, the blank provides three major advantages.

In terms of practicality, the interline does away with tip wraps or guide wraps and can be fished in windy conditions. For this very reason, it is one of my favourite rods to use when fishing from a kayak. Not only are they robust enough to be knocked around a little bit but they’re less likely to get tangled when stored and especially when in use.

Interlines are great for casting into the wind. They are surprisingly good at punching out the lure and when loaded up to cast, can produce a flat and high velocity cast. As there are no guides, the line is allowed to run smoothly and without restrictions through the blank. The Ronin is my favourite rod to cast Presso Rollin Cranks around boat hulls, especially into the wind.swz-spin-i-hero

Fishing crank baits with small trebles for bream can be hugely successful but fraught with the danger of pulling hooks. Small hooks can’t drive in as far as bigger hooks, like jigheads but the interline has one last trick up its sleeve. Traditional rods have the disadvantage of loading up unevenly due to the spacing of the guides. Ideally, fishing small trebled lures requires the rod to form a parabolic arc and this can be achieved by having lots of guides, spaced to match the taper of the fishing rod blank, to evenly distribute the pressure and create a consistent bend but more guides can impact casting distance. Due to the way the line lays within the blank of the fishing rod, the interline is capable of creating the parabolic arc without sacrificing the casting ability.

Am I sold on the interline? Yes, I am and have been for some time and the new Silver Wolf Z Ronin provides a reincarnation of the interline of old. The latest Silver Wolf range has provided anglers with a comprehensive range of rods that provides technique specific solutions across a broad price range but most importantly, has resurrected the interline.

I was able to christen the interline with a decent Mangrove Jack, it handled the size and lunges of the fish well and tested the parabolic arc of the interline and small trebles on the Daiwa Spike to perfection.

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