ROUND 02 – RAPALA Mallacoota Bream Qualifier #2

ROUND 02 – RAPALA Mallacoota Bream Qualifier #2

Nominations open Monday 6th February and close 1700hrs EDST Friday 10th February.

Please check the Rules page before posting your picks….

Updated 08.02.2012

Position Boater State Non-Boater State
1 Mario Vukic VIC Braddley Young VIC
2 Steve Gill NSW Andrew Dibley VIC
3 Shaun Clancy VIC Toby McClure VIC
4 Jarrod Healy VIC Jack Healey VIC
5 Merk Gercovich VIC Andrew Williams NSW
6 Paul Malov VIC Alex Franchuk VIC
7 Daniel Kent VIC Brad Roberts VIC
8 Damien Domagala VIC Zig Domagala VIC
9 Brad Hodges VIC Mike Hodges VIC
10 Steve Morgan QLD Tom Deer SA
11 Don Johnson WA Daryl Hislop VIC
12 Chris Wright NSW Joffa Wallace VIC
13 Warren Carter VIC Rebecca Fazio NSW
14 Rob Warren VIC Alan Wilson VIC
15 Tony Neal NSW Shaun Egan NSW
16 Steve Parker VIC Declan Betts VIC
17 Daryl Baird VIC Allan Morrison VIC
18 Cam Whittam VIC Thuan Huynh WA
19 Wayne Friebe VIC Richard Somerton VIC
20 Mark Mangold NSW Peter Godfrey NSW
21 Paul Conn VIC Justin Conn VIC
22 Shane Barling VIC Vaughn Lewis NSW
23 Chris Gates NSW Geoffrey Borg NSW
24 Mark Hayes VIC Tim Olsen ACT
25 Ben Shuey VIC Richard Patterson VIC
26 Anthony Thorpe NSW Rodney Thorpe NSW
27 Lindon Thompson NSW Tony Curnen VIC
28 Andrew Axon ACT Darren Evans NSW
29 Dean Gamble VIC Dean Skordas VIC
30 Daniel Mackrell VIC Stephen Theadore VIC
31 Mace Boyer VIC Chris Findlay NSW
32 Shane Dyason VIC Richard Linnosi VIC
33 Matthew Kearton VIC Rob Kearton VIC
34 Matt Campbell VIC Doug Hunter VIC
35 Ross Canizzarro NSW Shaun Stewart NSW
36 Tony Pettie VIC Kylie Pettie VIC
37 Steven Babic ACT Peter Mazey VIC
38 Harry Oltkiewicz VIC Jordan Trusty VIC
39 Chris Seeto NSW Bernard Kong NSW
40 William Longani ACT Eric Faes ACT
41 Wayne Reed NSW Trent Porteous NSW
42 Shayne Gillet NSW Lex Court NSW
43 Steve Wheeler VIC Troy Hamilton VIC
44 Grant Kime NSW spare
45 Spiro Spyropoulos VIC spare
46 Kristoffer Hickson NSW spare
47 Greg Seeto NSW spare

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